iHazard App

Office in the Field

It has been developed with the environment in mind as it reduces paper use and will import all your teams hours, vehicle use, Kilometers and travel times directly into MYOB. When the form is completed and sent to your accounts receivable department it arrives at your inbox with an attachment containing all the information of your teams hours worked, equipment used on the job vehicles and travel time etc.

The system dynamically generates a unique job docket number which is transposed into the subject line for easy reference.

The app can also be customized to suit multiple business with specific parameters designed for that particular company based on the company selection on login.

As it is a web based app hosted on a server you can also manage all of your company data such as employee names, vehicle fleet numbers, clients and equipment all through the CMS panel. Or we can do it all for you.

OITF works with or without reception saving completed job dockets so they can be uploaded when internet connectivity is available.

OITF also offers addition features that can be enabled aimed at the HVAC industry. We provide refrigeration gas costing on the job docket. As well as the option to download an Arctick Audit for all refrigeration transaction entered via the OITF app.

For more information please contact inquiry@safetysoftware.co.

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